Thursday, March 05, 2009

teeny bopper mode

i am totally crushing on someone.

you know the one that you have in highschool? the kind when just seeing him totally makes your day? the kind that makes your knees wobble when he smiles at you?

that kind. i have it. i have one. at work.

 it does feel nice. so i'm saying it again. i am totally crushing on someone. la la la!

now every morning, i give myself ten extra minutes to put on a lil blush and dab a bit of gloss coz ill never know when the universe will turn in my favor and let me get stuck in the elevator with him. hahahaha! it's high school all over again and i can't help but smile.


Bitchina said...


Even without the crushiness, put on the dang make-up!

Sinech itreeeez???

Tell! Tell! Tell!

sushi said...

hahaha! i swear mother teeny bopper mode ako!

let's cocktails next week :)

sushi said...
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Frodo said...

Hehehe... been a long time since I last had that sorta feeling...

...of course, it wasn't a guy. DUH. lol!

I just remember those times with a smile on my face...

...too bad she and I didn't end up together. Oh well, that's destiny for you.

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