Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol 8 : Michael Jackson Night

Lil Rounds opened up the show with "The Way You Make Me Feel". while the judges loved it, i didn't. well, it was ok. just ok.

next was Scott MacIntyre who sang a not so popular MJ song, "Keep the Faith". the song may not have made it to the top charts but i loved Scott's performance nonetheless. there's something about the way he sings that makes you wanna listen to what he says.

going third was the ever so popular, totally pimped out AI contestant, Danny Gokey. he sang "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)" which is something i have never heard before but as always, Danny delivered.

Michael Sarver came next with his version of "You Are Not Alone". it was surprisingly good. his vocals were the best it has been since the first time i saw him. good job.

and then came Jasmine Murray with "I'll Be There". b-o-r-i-n-g! i think she'll be at the bottom 3.

Kris Allen sang next with his take on "Remember the Time". i have to admit, i was suprised that he made it to the top 13. tonight, however, made me rethink. he's good with his guitar. and contrary to what Simon said about bringing out the wife early in the competition, i think girls will still go gaga over him.

singing "Give in To Me", Allison Iraheta proved to be a powerhouse but i think she was way better when she did "Alone"

Anoop Desai, though uber energetic, didn't do justice to "Beat IT". that being said, however, i don't think he'll be in the bottom 3.

"Never Can Say Goodbye" proved to be a song too big for Jorge Nunez as he struggled with it the entire time. that could very well bring him to the bottom 3.

next is the uber adorable, i-want-to-pinch-her-cheeks, Megan Corkery singing an upbeat "Rockin Robin". i just love watching her perform. she's different, a breath of fresh air in a sea of over the top performers. i don't care what the judges said, i love her!

and then there's Adam Lambert with his version of "Black or White". fine, he nailed it. but i still think he oversings.

next is Michael Buble look alike Matt Giraud who sang "Human Nature". he doesn't just look like the popular crooner, he sounds a bit like him too. that and former AI contestant, Eliot Yamin which makes me like him too.

closing the show was Alexis Grace with "Dirty Diana". nothing really great about it. still, i know she will be safe tomorrow.

all in all, it was an OK night. nothing mindblowing uber memorable performance. hopefully, that changes next week.

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update as of 03/12/09

Jasmine and Jorge were sent home. my predictions were spot-on!

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