Sunday, March 29, 2009

wearing the colors of christmas

i haven't had a me time in ages so this weekend, i made sure i had one.

the outcome, i am now wearing the colors of christmas. in summer.

i've gone from blonde to copper red to a full blown redhead! love love love my hair now. i got so obsessed with Kate Blanchet's hair in Benjamin Button that i immediately ask my stylist to change my hair color last Feb. but, his first attempt at transforming me into a redhead sorta fell short of my expectations.

yesterday, however, he pulled through. i've never loved my hair this much haha! i know, i sound so narcisist. can't help it! my hair is fierce! and i mean Tyra-ANTM-fierce ya hear?! (will post a photo soon see photo insets)

as for the other color of christmas, deeaye and i got a lil crazy over our nails. she got hers painted mango yellow while i had mine in lime green.

so there. i'm Christmassing in what probably is the hottest summer ever.

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