Sunday, December 02, 2007

retail therapy

nothing beats a good old fashioned retail therapy to drive away negative energy. i figured since my birthday's comin up, i deserve to splurge a little.

i did mention that i needed a me time soon so yesterday, on my way home from work (yes, i was working on a holiday. talk about pathetic! dedication), i decided to call and make an appointment with my stylist.

i wanted to have my nails done but i had to go to another salon for that and i didn't have much time so i went shopping instead. after a good hour or so, i left the mall with a pair of decent jeans, a really nice maong mini skirt and two flirty tops. not bad huh?

and so, as i count the days til "the day", i don't feel that bad anymore. enough to make me go out and celebrate perhaps?

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