Thursday, December 13, 2007

it's a blog world

i've been on sick leave the last 2 days (bad cold/cough plus i sound like some macho guy). normally, i wouldn't last a day doing nothing since, as most of you know, i don't really watch TV that much. plus, even if i wanted to watch, there wasn't anything nice on the tube and i've finished all my DVDs. i still don't sleep much so staying in bed was not an option.

but bored, i was not this time. i was oblivious to the time of the day. missy took most of my mornings. she's onl;y 10months old so she wants to play all the time. she smelled funny but i didn't mind. it was fun.

afternoons are naptime for the lil bitch so that left me with my ever trusted computer. it was blogtime for me. and i meant not just writing but reading other people's entries, both of strangers and friends, as well. it has become a habit for me once i go online.

call it whatever you see fit but i love reading them. it's my version of tele-novelas i guess. except of course, the ones i read are really happening and not just one writer's story.

blogging serves not just a medium for me to express my thoughts. it allows me to look at other people's lives and makes me want to appreciate more and complain less.

a means of escape you may say. but i don't see it any different from when we watch movies or read books.

it is life as it unfolds, a front row seat to one's journey. and while most are there to entertain and bring smiles to our faces, there are those where reality bit hard and still continued to inspire.

i write not to please. i read not to judge.

blogging is therapy for me and the best part is, it's FREE.

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