Monday, December 10, 2007

Furuta - best chocolate ever

i'm not a sweet tooth by nature. i'd choose savory food over desserts anytime. but once in a while i do have my cravings and when i do, i WON'T stop til i'm satisfied.

right now, my guilty pleasure is a pack of Petit Choco B&W by a Japanese company called Furuta Seika Co., Ltd.

i usually go for Swiss chocolates but this one hits the spot right on. it is the perfect marriage of the bittersweetness of dark chocolate and the richness of white. it's not too sweet and it melts perfectly in my mouth.

a friend just got back from HK and was sweet enough to bring me some. there's only one store in HK that i know of that sells them (a small japanese store near henessy) and i'm not sure they are available in manila so treats like these do not come often

i'm on my 10th piece and no, i'm not gonna share them. these are mine!

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