Tuesday, June 19, 2012

time to catch up on my writing...again

i've been lazy to write. since i got back from Tokyo last December, i only wrote 2 entries. yaiks! this coming from someone who wrote about wanting to write more.  i wasn't even able to complete the 30 day photo challenge! (i'm sorry ate bing for failing you and andrei!) what's up with that????

to think, 2012 has been a friggin blast! i have no excuse, i just was to lazy. plain and simple. so imma try HARDER this time.

now, what's new with me you ask?

to start off, i applied for a US Visa and was given 10yrs multiple B1/B2 visa. that being said, i'm now in New Jersey. For two months, home is the Hyatt House @ Morristown where the room is mighty fine. The best room i've had since i started travelling abroad.


i was able to tick/check one item in my bucketlist - to see the NKOTB in concert! they came and conquered manila last month together with the Backstreet Boys. And boy oh boy oh boy, the throngs of screaming fans in their 30s proved they still got it. Jordan and his falsetto, Donnie and his abs. damn those abs! i found myself swooning and screaming with the rest of the crowd. i screamed like a friggin teenager but I DID NOT CARE. it's NKOTB and Donnie Wahlberg's abs for crying out loud!!! Did i mention Donnie Wahlberg's abs? yes, for days i dreamt of just that.


i got hooked on Instagram and when i say hooked i meant addicted. the kind that needs/requires rehab. that kind. i simply love it. super love it. can't let a day pass without using it. seriously, i need help! here are some of my fave shots so far...



and lastly, as all best things are saved for, i lost 20lbs. woot woot! working on losing 20lbs more! wish me luck!

so there, those are the highlights of my 2012 so far. oh in case you're wondering, i'm still working on the love front. real harder this time.

cheers from Jersey!

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