Thursday, June 21, 2012

musings from New Jersey

The Hotel
IT.IS.FIERCE! in fact, it can kick all of my previous hotels' butt 10 times over. i'm staying at the Hyatt House Morristown which is a good 15mins drive to where our office is located.

there's free wifi everywhere, 24hr laundry and gym use, free breakfast and best of all, they serve cocktails and light dinner/snacks mon-thurs night! told you, fierce!

The Office
as i've mentioned earlier, the office is very near. we rented a car for the entire trip as going around NJ is quite tasking. very small price we had to pay for choosing to stay in the suburbs.

unlike my previous trips, there won't be as much pressure with this one. i hope. work is very easy. the covergirl kind...easy breezy.

The Food and Weather
there's nothing much to be excited about i guess. i mean, at least i know there is something to eat here, unlike in KL or Johannesburg where it was difficult to find "familiar food".  From the office, there's a wide selection of diners, fastfood, restaurants and cafes to choose from. For my first lunch, we opted to go to Taco Bell.

as for the weather, i experienced and survived my first heat wave. lesson learned, when the forecast says extreme weather condition, it's best to believe. never doubt/question. hahahhaa!! uh, maybe that's why they call it heat wave? good thing this lasts only for a few days.

The Shopping
retail therapy at it's finest. seriously. i've just been here 6days and have already gone to Walmart, Costco and Macys. can't wait to visit the other shops this weekend.

This coming Saturday, we're going to NYC and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. cultured much?

Of course a separate trip is also in order as i want to paint new york red! but that will have to wait. one at a time. for now, it's the museums and Central Park. next is to walk the streets where Carrie Bradshaw walked on and have cosmopolitan. oh how cliche. yes, i'm a fan, don't judge.

Oh Jersey, how i love thee. i told you we're gonna have a blast!


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