Wednesday, June 27, 2012

concrete jungle where dreams are made

last weekend was THE BOMB. to say i was excited and overwhelmed is an understatement.

New York was everything i thought it was gonna be. and more. it was my city. the city for me.

as excited as i am, i couldn't create a decent entry about it. seriously. nuninuninuninu. if NYC was a celebrity, then i was definitely starstruck. dumbfounded. gobsmacked. and all other adjectives that could well describe that feeling of awe.

as pictures paint a thousand words, let me then start painting...

from Morristown, we drove to NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel. later on, i found out, it's underneath the Hudson River. had i known it was, i wouldn't have taken a photo and screamed instead!

we got to The Metropolitan Museum of Art at 10 and walked for a good 3 hours inside to explore. we paid $25 plus $7 for the audio guide. of course we didn't know that entrance was free and we could go in just by giving out donations of any amount. lesson learned.

since Central Park was just across the museum, we HAD TO GO! but first, lunch was in order. we tried to look for places to eat nearby and i remember hearing about Shake Shack. we walked a couple of blocks and got lost a couple of blocks! so much for using the GPS. hahahha! lesson learned again. when i got home, i downloaded a map! anyway, the food was not that good. i ordered a hotdog instead of a burger since i probably had more than my share of burgers to last me a month! the verdict, Shake Shack was more hype than taste.

after lunch, we went straight to Central Park which turned out to be popular in the summer. girls in bikini and naked men sprawl and bask in the sun to bake while we look for a good shady place to sit.  we've had our share of the sun. let them all have it! hahaha!

it was around 6pm when we all decided to head back to Jersey, this time via the Holland Tunnel and it was right about this time when i found out that both tunnels we used were under the Hudson River. i tell you, my butt was like up in the air until i saw the light. indeed there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

going to the Holland Tunnel, we passed by Union Square which is near Broadway -  a trip i saved for another time to watch Wicked

so there, that was my New York saturday. a bit of culture and relaxation if i may say.

Sunday, however, was a different story. an entirely different one which i will blog about in the coming days. i still need to sort out the photos as most of them are of adult content! no, i didn't go to a strip club. but a trip to one is in the agenda.

will tell you all about my first  New York Pride Parade experience in my next entry. here's a sneak peek. enjoy!

i love NYC!!!!

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Shake Shack said...

Gemma, thanks so much for visiting Shake Shack while you were in NYC. Looks like you had an awesome vacation.

So sorry to hear about your experience, but we're always striving to help our team improve. We hope you'll visit us again next time you're in the city!

-Brandy, Shake Shack

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