Monday, March 29, 2010

blogging, the lack of it

i was going through my old posts and i can't help but feel a bit disappointed. not with what i've read or how i've been writing the last 5 years, but because i realized, i haven't been writing in A LONG TIME!

i used to write everyday for crying out loud. now, i'm down to one entry per month, all of which are practically close to nonsense. i mean, the only entry worth reading was my bday blog for a dear dear friend.

and then it hit me, i have become addicted to microblogging. damn you Facebook and Twitter and all your one liner status updates! hahahha!

fine, it's convenient. true, it's real time. and yes, it's so much fun especially when friends react. but now, i'm beginning to think doing so has robbed writing of it's grandeur.

but who am i kidding? sans the existense of all these convenient online networks, i guess part of the reason is that i am beginning to edit. a lot has happened over the last couple of months but i have yet to summon the courage to write about them yet for fear of incriminating myself way too much.

so i'm bouncing back. i love writing. i may not be the best writer but i love putting my thoughts in paper. and the fact that i have kept this open means that everyone is welcome to take a peak. even him.

yes, there's a him. and normally i'd have given y'all the 411 on everything about him. but i can't just yet.

soon. hopefully soon.


happysammy said...

Yes please go back to writing more often :-)

sushi said...

hi sammy! i'll try :)
you're leaving soon pala?

Mary from Diet Site said...

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