Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How can I

...forgive when there is no remorse?

...keep the ghost of my sordid past from the constant torture and taunting?

...end a chapter in my life without the proper closure?

...forget the hurt? and believe again when all my paradigms have shifted from what used to be true?

...start anew when the past is still holding me back?

i have tried. most days i succeed.
some days, i fail.

and even if the failures are so few, how come i feel they count more?


Frodo said...

I feel for you, my friend. Try doing the Conflict Resolution method. After that, accept whatever happens and move on. Some things --- no matter how hurtful it may seem --- are not just worth jack crap to worry about and stifle your journey towards happiness.

Move on girl. You are far much stronger than what you give yourself credit (or the lack of it) for.

All the best!

stoicsushi said...

thanks my lil friend ;)
i have moved on believe me. it's just that sometimes, the "ghost", gets the best of me.

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