Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol : 6 - Finally!!!!

Sanjaya's stint ended today! And i couldn't be any happier!

I know a lot of the so-called Fanjayas in the world are sad but i'm sure they weren't surprised. It's been long overdue. The hair and the antics just weren't enough this week.

However, that being said, i'm still not wowed by this year's batch. It's just not the same. While it's true that there is more variety in this year's competition, past idol contestants were better than most of the finalists today.

I still have high hopes for Jordin and Blake though.
As for Melinda, i was grinning from ear to ear when Simon made that comment about her acting surprised each time a complement is given. Sheesh! I mean, how many praises does she need to actually believe that yes, she can sing and she sings well?!

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