Sunday, July 03, 2011

the other side of the bed

i'm one of those people who find comfort in sleeping alone. at least most of the time. and why won't i? all the pillows are mine. no one snores. and there's more room to move.

but then there are nights when i long to have someone on that side of the bed.

a friend once told me, you shouldn't take both sides of the bed, otherwise no one will share it with you.

well i haven't been using that side of the bed for a FRIGGIN LONG TIME.  too long that i found a dent on my side! so now i wanna sleep on that other side because the cushion is much softer and nicer!

which made me think. if that side was meant for whoever he is, and now that i wanna take his side...will he take my old side of the bed or insist on taking what was originally his? hahaha!

i'm not making sense. so what. i'm alone in my room. on a beautiful sunday afternoon. with nothing else to do but blab! so there, that's my bitching for this week.

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