Saturday, July 23, 2011

an email for myself

almost 3 years ago, when my bestfriend was having one of "those days", i sent her this email. 
now, i'm borrowing it and sending to myself. because yes, i need it. badly.

"we are works of art. we are not done yet.
we still have to undergo pains but when we're done, we will be priceless and fab.
da vinci did not finish the mona lisa in one day.
i believe we will have our time. you and i.
it would be a complete and utter disgust to the whole humankind kung hindi.
darating din yun.
darating din sya.
in the meantime,
we have beaches to conquer, wines to drink, boys to have fun with and uber fab friends who will pick us up or untog our ulo when we get lost."

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