Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i miss being in love

i do.

i miss the cheesiness.

i miss being held.

i miss the conversations.

i miss gasping for air just coz he's in the room.

i miss being somebody else's someone.

more than that, i miss being in love.

my friends keep telling me, after all the wrong, the right guy will eventually come. i have so much love to give. more than enough to go around family and friends. i have plenty.

i told my friend today, somewhere, someone is looking for me. it's just a matter of time.

sometimes though, i can't help but think what if he doesn't come? what if no one is really there? now that's really sad. and depressing. but there's that chance. what if?



April said...

Mother --- remember what you told me about us being works of art? Art, sometimes, needs to take some time.

Minsan nga lang --- may katagalan.

You will have your turn, my dear, and I will be one of the happiest.

What if it doesn't happen? Well - eto eh last resort lang naman: tayo ang pinakamagandang nilalang sa retirement home, sipping virgin pinacoladas by the pool side. Hahaha.

gemma said...

Hahhaha! Ayoko yata ng retirement home mother!

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