Friday, April 22, 2011


Everybody who knows me knows that patience isn't really one of my virtues.

Oh but patient today, i was! Our client flew in from Dubai to oversee the project's cutover this weekend. Normally, and in almost all the projects i've implemented, clients just tell me what they want and my job is just to produce the output that they want.

BUT NO! not with this one.

He insisted on watching everything i do. Now i wouldn't mind if he was just there to observe. But he didn't. He wantrd to do things his way. He's the client so i let him have his way. I did what he said. And failed. All of it. So i told him, now can we do it my way? He said sure, wherever you're more comfortable. So i did, and it worked just fine.

When i was done, he smiled and asked me out for smokes :)

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arcibaldo said...

impressive. he should have taken you out for something more special.

gemma said...

today he treated the team to lunch :D

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