Saturday, December 04, 2010

this is it! my scary age!

in a few hours...i will turn 35...

which, after watching an episode in sex and the city, has become my scary age. sort of. you see i've always thought that i'd be married by this time.  but obviously, i'm not. 

but i won't be disheartened. somewhere, someone is just waiting to be found or could be on his way to finding me...i just hope he doesn't make the wrong turn again :)

happy birthday dear old me. here's to more fab years ahead.

and to my dear first love, the only thing that makes me anticipate my bday is because it is your birthday too. happy 75th! here's to 100 years more of awesomeness! we love you papa!


arcibaldo said...

happy birthday! :-)

Jovan said...

Happy birthday!

And there's nothing wrong with turning 35. I just turned 34 a few days ago and I feel awesome. I'll be doing a multi-day trip in Mindoro to "feel alive". :)

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