Wednesday, December 01, 2010

call it what you want

coincidence...serendipity...or just another big fat silly trick that the universe has sent my way.

call it what you want. take it how you want.  he's back. again.  single and ready to mingle. not himhim from work. but the one that got away. the one itch i haven't scratched. the one who turns/turned my world upside down even when i had a boyfriend. that one. and what perfect timing now that himhim has been laid to rest!

could he really be that this time around?  my william hayes?

is he santa's early christmas pressy? or a birthday gift perhaps?

ok i'm stopping.


Ariana said...

I will use the Facebook metaphor here.

Bitchina is soooo liking this!!!


gemgem said...

hahaha! aymisyu mother!

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