Saturday, August 28, 2010

manila hostage crisis, my half cents worth

it's been 5 days after the manila hostage crisis took place. rolando mendoza will be buried today.

has the Philippine government done something about it besides pointing fingers on who is to blame?

i am currently in KL and the front page of the news for the days following the incident was that. being a filipino in a foreign land at a time like this makes one feel not shame but guilt. but i spoke too soon.

pictures have circulated the web which tainted what is left of our country's dignity. cops and students alike posed and smiled in front of the bus. so yes, for that i am shameful to be called a Filipino.

i have read a number of articles about those who survived and i can't help but feel that the people in my country did this to them. a mother lost a husband and 2 duaghters with a son in ICU. what do you make of that? how will they feel if they see that while they are in grief, people still had the audacity to strike a pose?

does it matter now whether mendoza meant to kill anyone or not? or that media aired the arrest or not?

at the end of the day, lives were lost.
that was that.

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Fickle Cattle said...

This whole fiasco was an embarrassment for all of us Filipinos. Hay. It showcased the mediocrity of at least 3 pillar institutions: government, police and media.

I agree that first and foremost we have to honor the innocents who died.

But now heads must also roll.

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