Saturday, August 21, 2010

excitement and dread

in a little over a week, i will be going back to manila.

i'm excited to see friends and family. but not without an ounce of dread as i too will see him again. it's been a week since my last emo episode and i'd like to keep it that way.

on the upside, i will be back here after a week. so all is good.


on a different note, i'm off to Timesquare to buy me a tripod for nikki (yes, i named my toy! deal with it!)

happy weekend everyone!


didi said...

magkano tripod? kung mura, pabili din ako.

saka, let's watch going the distance ha?

gemgem said...

really cheap! less than 1k hehe! shempre i bought the cheap na sturdy.

sure! showing na?

didi said...


i think it'll be showing already by the time you come back to manila.

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