Saturday, August 07, 2010

the crappy part of all these drama

is that i can't talk to you about it. you've asked me a million times but i just can't and it sucks.

tonight, when you asked if it was you, i almost said yes. but i can't. so i didn't. it's easier that way i think.

you're my bestfriend and i should be able to tell you stuff like these. that's what you're supposed to be doing. comforting me in times like these. but how can i when the problem is you? how can i tell you that everytime you're near i melt?

how can i tell you that when your heart breaks, my heart breaks into a million pieces more? how can i tell you that i need to stop loving you? tell me. how?

you should've stayed away. you shouldn't have gone back. now i'm a mess and i can't tell my bestfriend about it.


didi said...

di ba bestfriend mo rin ako????

lalasunin ko na!

gemgem said...

wag magselos bebe...iba ka eh.
iba yun.

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