Saturday, November 14, 2009

lab rat

for the last 3 days, i was at Makati Med where i was poked and pricked which made me feel like a lab rat.

i had what they call hypokalemia, a condition where the body's potassium level becomes sigificantly low that caused temporary paralysis on my lower extremities. yes, my legs just lost power.

they just needed to normalize my potassium level, i was told but they had to keep me as well to run some tests since my blood pressure became erratic.

what's in my lab menu you ask?:

several blood tests which meant they had to draw blood 6 different times from 6 different spots;

kidney and bladder ultrasound;

thyroid imaging;

saline loading;

and loads of pills

i am now at home where my staple diet includes one banana each meal.

buti na lang hindi mangga!!!

thanks to those who dropped by :)


Jovan said...

I know the feeling. Being a lab rat in a hospital sucks. At least it's just an additional banana to your daily diet. That's something that you'll get from you boylet. Hehehehehehe!

sushi said...

it does suck! lalo na yung arterial blood gas extraction! paaakkk ang sakit! not to mention ang mahal gosh!

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