Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Repertory's Sweeney Todd

i guess i expected too much from this musical. i mean, the cast in itself is reason enough for one to go gaga the moment it was announced to be staged.

sadly, this Sweeney Todd, if not for the awesome Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, fell short of what i was expecting.

Gibbs Cadiz couldn't have said it better in his blog

while Audie Gemora's vocal skills still remain impressive, he was overshadowed by the dear Mrs. Lovett. Franco Laurel's Anthony sounded whiney while the young lady who played Johanna ate her words most of the time. as for Judge Turpin, i could care less.

what was surprising was the lady who played Lucy/beggar, Liesl Batucan, who's voice was crisp and her acting was spot on. while i liked the movie version of Tobias, Marvin Ong's take on the lad was ok. especially on the last few scenes.

needless to say, Liesl and Menchu were my favorites as they both stole the show.

i almost fell asleep on some parts. sayang. not the money, but the production in itself. i mean, i love Rep but this one was a dud. sorry.

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