Friday, November 21, 2008

The CPS Triangle, 20 years and counting

college days were my best school days. elementary was just blah and high school was spent with girls who, at the first glimpse of the male species, would go ga-ga. seriously.

i was blessed to have gone to a reputable school and joining this org made my stay in UP one of the best experience to date. college wouldn't have been the same without the wonderful people i've had the honor of spending 5 long years (yup, it took me that long loved UP so much i spent an extra year) with.

and so to you extraordinary brods and sisses, thank you. cheers to 20 fabulous years of fun and excellence.

see you all tomorrow! time to bring out the booze just like the old times!

Happy Anniversary!

teaser sent last May c/o Diet


Frodo said...

Didn't realize you were a sorority girl. Easy on the booze!

sushi said...

i'm not ;)

as for the booze, let's just say that people were still drinking til 6am.

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