Tuesday, November 11, 2008

there's truth in humor

Photo from discovery-us.com me: ladies, are we gonna watch Hairspray? we gotta buy tickets soon as the good seats are almost sold out

April: i'm good with Dec. 6. and while we're at it, lets celebrate your birthday!

D.I.: so, what would you like on your birthday?

me: i want LALAKI!

yes, it sounded desperate and so un-ME i know! but seriously, i do want one! it's been 3 effin years! i think it's about time.

so friends and countrymen, if wanna make me happy on my birthday, you go find me a fine man!


Frodo said...

I do hope you get your man. Methinks it's just a matter of time...

sushi said...

yeah and time is running out!!! hahahaha!

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