Tuesday, July 03, 2012

a city called Atlantic

The Boardwalk @4am
 where people are always happy, full and drunk!

now i know why a friend of mine calls casinos "disney" as it is indeed the happiest place on earth! at least for those who like to gamble.

i, for one, am a newbie. i've only set foot in a casino twice in my life. once i played the slots, where i won and the other was just to watch some friends play.

Atlantic City is New Jersey's version of Las Vegas. a very small version of Vegas the size of which has nothing to do with the quality of fun and entertainment one can experience.

to cut the story short, i played. not the slots but on the tables, a far cry from what i intended to do which was to party and dance the night away.  i was hoping i still had beginners luck since i have yet to play on the tables. turned out, that luck expired. i blew $100 on black jack at the Showboat. but all is good. it was the best loss ever (i'm a glass half full kinda girl) because i had the best time! i was with my good friends from college, i had a couple of cocktails and corona, the band and the dj played awesome songs and the people around are all oh so pleasant. it was indeed an experience.

so yes, i may have lost, but in the end, i had fun. and it's all that matters. best part is, we're doin it again before i go back to Manila. woot woot!!!!

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