Saturday, July 14, 2012

crossing the brooklyn bridge

two things i said i wanted to do in new york : watch Wicked and cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
last saturday, i met up with Eric and Shai, both friends from manila who now live in Brooklyn and they gave me the brooklyn bridge experience (we first took the subway going to Brooklyn and then crossed the bridge on foot going back to Manhattan.)

and what heck of an experience it was! the Brooklyn Bridge has the best view of Manhattan on one side and of Brooklyn on the other; love locks lined the walls and railings and hinges of the bridge, left there by lovers/couples to express a promise love and loyalty; artists with their sketch pads lay on the path as they drew/sketched;  locals and tourists, camera on hand take pictures as they thread the walkway along with a number of cyclists (be careful as they might run you over if you're on their side of the walkway.)

                            love locks                                           more love locks

                            my designated tour guides :)                halfway thru the bridge

crossed the bridge on foot...all 1.8miles in 38degree weather. 
others may call it it crazy. i call it badass!!

every inch of the bridge is picture worthy with an awesome backdrop on all sides - Brooklyn, Manhattan skyline, Manhattan Bridge and a very small view of the Statue of Liberty can be seen on that vantage point. add to that the ferries crossing the the  East River down below. 

                            view of Manhattan Bridge                Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge Landmark

one item on my New York Bucketlist, checked! i have crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. the same bridge where Miranda and Steve met and reconciled. awwww!

tomorrow, i'm of to DC to visit the presidents! woot woot!

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