Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe

a second chance at love which proved yet again that age has nothing to do with finding it

richard gere still has it. gray hair and all, he still makes us ladies shriek like girls as he did with Pretty Woman.

diane lane, as with her roles in Must Love Dogs and Under the Tuscan Sun, has proven to be the epitome of a hopeful romantic. never giving up on love no matter how many times her heart has been broken.

nicholas sparks stayed true to what he does best, romantic tragedies which, after making you go "awww" with the plot, makes you go "WTF" in the end.

the beach house was awesome. i want one like that. or at least go away on a weekend or something to a place like that. minus the hurricane of course.

i'm glad i haven't read the book as it would've spoiled everything.

the only thing i hate about my Nights in Rodanthe experience was this gassy guy, three seats to my left who chose to burp with all his friggin might in almost all the really wonderful scenes.

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