Friday, October 24, 2008

Lay Bare Waxing Salon

if you're one of those who are so freaked out about growing hair in places where there shouldn't be, then Lay Bare Waxing Salon is the place for you.

i've been hearing/reading good reviews about it since forever and when they opened a branch here in Makati, i found no reason not to go.

my tolerance for pain is close to non-existent so a trip to a waxing salon isn't something i fancy. however, i also know that one must endure pain for the sake of beauty. so, armed with a couple of painkillers, my friend and i decided to checkout their branch in Buendia.

it was just like a regular spa with an entirely different menu - anything and everything that has to do with unwanted hair removal. the staff were uber nice which made me at ease right away. the rooms were just enough to fit a single bed and a few kikay items (powder, lotion, etc.). there also was piped in music to complete the spa-like ambiance.

i didn't want my first trip there to be traumatic so i opted for the safer treatments : eyebrow, underarm and upper lip wax. i'm not sure if it's because of the kind of wax they use but the treatment was close to painless.

i also have to add that my therapist/waxer/technician or however they call them was sooo funny. she was trying to convince me on having the famous Brazilian Wax to the point that she asked me if i wanted to look at her yah know what so i'd see how pretty it looks. really. seriously. or maybe she meant she was gonna show me "after pictures". needless to say, i opted not to do both. now boys, don't go running there and see if they would flash you.

i'm definitely going back though. maybe try the more painful ones if and when i'm ready. hats off to my good friend who dared try their bikini wax which, according to her was not as painful as she thought it would be.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my partners and I came upon your blog entry and are glad that you were satisfied with the service that Buendia branch has provided =) We would like to hear more from you and would also like to offer you a complimentary service. Please call us at 840-2571 or text us at 09228317965 =)

Perky said...

Your readers might be interested to know that Lay Bare has a Valentine's promo ongoing this Feb 2009...

Ladies, avail of a Brazilian wax at P450 and get a free Brazilian for your male partner (worth P500)! This is by appointment only, so just call your nearest branch.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon is in QC (Banawe, Katipunan, Ybardolaza, Congressional), Makati (Filmore, Buendia), San Juan (Abad Santos), and Paranaque (Aguirre).

Anonymous said...

SUGARING is much better than waxing. It's less painful,less breakage,less ingrown hair. :)

Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon - Visit us @ 106, Xanland Place, 323 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Hts.

The healthy & gentle way to remove unwanted hair!

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