Friday, September 19, 2014

steady as a steady does

writing to me is a form of therapy. it has become my way to cope with the not so wonderful things that came my way all these years. this blog in fact, came to be as a result of a major break-up.

this has become my own space in the cyber world where i can share all my thoughts without ever thinking that i will or am being judged (i have facebook and twitter and instagram for that!)

soooo why am i not writing more????? it's not like nothing has happened to me since May!

well nothing melodramatic has happened i have to admit. so maybe that's why i haven't graced this page in a long time. you know how musicians get inspired by tragedies and heartaches? that's prolly me and writing. sadness fuels my pen so to speak. and the fact that i haven't written in a long time is reason to be thankful for i guess.

so thank you dear universe. my life is steady.
it ain't grand as i would want it to be. but maybe steady is what i need at the moment.

i'll be turning 40 next year. imma save up all my fireworks then.

i am scared shit!!!

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