Monday, August 06, 2012

Hello there Ms Liberty!

a trip to the US will not be complete without seeing the great statue. instead of  going to Liberty Island or Ellis Island,  we opted to take the Staten Island Ferry - one, because it's free and two because we didn't have that much time. i just wanted a picture after all and a tour will be time consuming.

the downside is that while the ferry may have a good view of the statue, it doesn't get close enough to get great shots (especially if you're gonna be using an iphone). just the same, it served it's purpose.

Statue of Liberty - America's symbol of freedom and opportunity.

if you're looking to have great and upclose shots plus you have time and money to burn, then the Staten Island Ferry is not the way to go. a scheduled tour of the Ellis or Liberty Island might be better options.

for me, this was enough.

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