Saturday, October 22, 2011

must. learn. nihonggo. soon.

i love love love japanese food (my url isn't stoicsushi for nothing).  imagine my excitement and anticipation when i learned that i was gonna be assigned here in Tokyo for a couple of months! 

sushi. fresh, succulent melts in your mouth sushi.
ramen. rich, hearty. the kind that makes all booboos go away.

it's been a week and i have to say, everything i've eaten were all oh-so-yummy!

however, ordering them is a task. a long, frustrating yet funny task.

so, i shall learn the language. at least the more important ones. read -the ones that can help me order the food in the menu! hahahaha!

oh tokyo, you are one cool city. 
i can't wait to be friends with you :)

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