Wednesday, August 03, 2011

unconventionally moisturized

it's a known fact. winter doesn't do one's skin any good. AT ALL!

since my entire stay in Johannesburg will be the whole duration of winter, i had to find the perfect moisturizer. the regular ones just don't work.

vaseline aloe fresh hydrating was the best i could find.

or so i thought.

i read somewhere that it's good to use hair conditioner when shaving legs. i tried it and voila! it was perfect!
not only were my legs hairless, they were shiny and soft and smooth! without having to put on lotion.

so tonight, i thought why not use it all over while in the shower.

was i a happy camper. now i have skin as soft as a baby's bottom. who knew right? thestepfordwitch will be proud hehehe!


voodoo girl said...

you're right. i am proud! LOL. can i share this entry? :)

gemma said...

Haha sure :) it really works.

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