Wednesday, September 09, 2009

haller from down under

i'm in melbourne. where its winter in spring and i don't have any winter clothes in my luggage. hahahhaa!

i'll be staying here for a month and if the rest of my stay here is anything close to how my first day went, i'm sure to have a blast.

in 2 weeks time, there'll be five other from manila who will come in but until then, it's just me and the fabulous aussies who seem to always have a smile on their face.

i love my job!


arcibaldo said...

really nice and sweet...
you might want to watch pearl jam in their australian tour (that is, if you're still in australia, and if tickets are not yet sold out) hehehe

sushi said...

i'm thinkin of watching the black eyed peas. they have a concert here on oct 5-6 :D
i wanna boom boom pow hahaha!

didi said...

correction, oct 6 & 7. hahahaha!!

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