Monday, September 08, 2008

of pixie dusts and happy thoughts

i need a bag of these.

not because i want to fly.

but because the thought of not being able to know how to have fun gives me the creeps. i have been way too serious lately that one of my friends suddenly blurted out "pixie dusts sweetie, you need some pixie dusts".

and thus, leading me to think that i may be turning frigid and OLD. not a good thought. never a good thought.

so, Tinkerbell if you're reading this, pay me a visit tonight and sprinkle me some.



voodoo girl said...

i don't know where to find pixie dust but if you want a fun drink, try malibu pineapple... or peach rum from oyster boy :)

sushi said...

haha thanks! who needs pixie dusts when there's good cocktail around? :D

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