Thursday, September 21, 2006

of letting go and moving on

you don't see nor talk to him
you don't miss nor think about him
you don't hate him, you just don't care what's up with him

all these said, you ask yourself...have you finally moved on?
sadly, it doesn't always follow. while you know that you don't have a strand of feelings left for him, you still can't claim that you have.

letting go is easy. it simply means that you have accepted the fact that he isn't a part of your life anymore. that there is no "US" but rather two "I's". it means that you no longer utter a secret prayer of getting back together. no you don't think of revenge. you're no longer hurt nor have the urge to strangle him or make his life miserable. you just don't care.

moving on is different. it's getting on with your life. it's being the same person as you were before you met him. it is the readiness to accept and meet someone new. it is the willingness to take yet another risk. it is taking that oh-so scary plunge once again. it is relearning how to trust...believing in other people's goodness. it's like learning how to walk again.

unless you have done these, you have yet to move on.

you simply said goodbye

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