Tuesday, August 08, 2006

consistently inconsistent

for the last couple of months, the lack of action in my lovelife has been very well compensated by the overly complicated roller coaster rides that my friends from left and right have had.

from affairs to cancelled weddings to fallouts to holding on and letting go...
from silly lil fights to almost but not quite breakups...
from straight to gay couples

name it and chances are, one of my friends is in it!

oh and must i mention that most of the time, i was (still is) in the middle of it? you know, bein the friend who listens and scolds....the one who tries to knock some sense into their already clowded yet somehow interesting dilemmas...which, at most normal circumstances, usually works!

but no! not lately! lately, most of them are ridiculously stubborn!

i am actually surprised myself. i mean, these people are really smart and driven but when it came to affairs of the heart, they have been consistently inconsistent! hormones are flyin everywhere and not just estrogens!

so now, i'l change my strategy. instead of bein the bitch friend who doesn't sugar coat and says things as they are, instead of saying countless pieces of advice and telling them what i think, i'd keep quiet and just listen. they're not hearing me anyways.

and since i know they're smart enough to figure things out for themselves, i'll just lay back, have a glass of wine and chill and wait for the time for them to come around.

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