Saturday, January 14, 2006

breakups and the price that came with them

break-ups...bad for the heart...good for the economy! - carrie bradshaw

and indeed they are! but heck who's complaining?

if shopping for shoes and clothes, frequent trips to the spa or salon for a massage or a haircut and color, hours and hours spent at the gym, etc. could make a woman feel better and good about herself then it's all worth it.

i'd like to think that most women these days are no longer confined to the usual post break-up hitches such as moping and sulking and whining and then more moping sulking and whining. i mean, what good would that do besides waking up each morning with even darker circles under your eyes?

instead, women of today tend to channel huge blows in their lives towards self-reinvention...and if it means spending more money then so be it! we owe ourselves that much...we've worked hard...paid our dues...fell in love...became deliriously hurt...cried some more but in the end, life sill goes on.

what's important is you don't get stuck in the rut. you pick yourself up and be that person you wanna be and eventually you'll wake up one day and just smile. i know i will.

that's about it for now...i'm off to do my post break-up binges...don't worry i won't spend that much ;)

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