Thursday, November 15, 2012

for the nth time, i'm not in college

in a country of mixed races such as the US, asians have a slight advantage - we do not age as fast as other races. more often than not, asians who are well beyond their prime are  mistaken as way younger than their actual age.

i've had my share. more than my share.

it's not that i'm complaining. i mean who wouldn't wanna look young right? 
however, while it's such a huge complement to be mistaken for a college kid, it has it's price.

besides the fact that i couldn't have drinks without an ID that has my birthday on it, what i noticed is that the people (read boys/men) who seem to show interest in me are on that age group - the young. way too young. like college kids young. 

that or the men my age are simply not interested in me. hahahaha! tough luck!

sabi ko nga sa pinoy na lang ako eh!

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