Tuesday, October 13, 2009

bend like a pretzel

or at least i tried my darnest best! hahaha!

i barelysurvived my first Bikram Yoga class last night and i have to admit, sans the random nausea attacks on the first part, i loved it!

for a first timer who has no sense of balance and very limited flexibility, i lasted the whole 90 minutes class in an overly heated room. without fainting. ok, i almost fainted hahaha! but it was worth it. i sweated buckets. seriously! plus, the instructor was uber nice and the class was fun.

after my melbourne indulgence, a bucketful of sweat is what i need.

my muscles are in pain and i could barely walk down a flight of stairs but i will go to class again tonight with the hopes that one day, i too can bend like a pretzel or at least make my forehead touch my knees! hahaha!


Bitchina said...

How was it?

Parang I wanna try!

Anonymous said...

awesome! just don't forget to keep yourself hydrated. :) bikram's always seemed interesting but i could never stand the heat. how was your time down under? you didn't develop a taste for vegemite did you?

sushi said...

@bitchina : it was hard pero like i said, very well worth it.
@bluecheese : the instructor said not to drink too much during class eh...melbourne was awesome and no, didn't try vegemite. i couldn't stand the smell eh hahaha!

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